A Fall Update

The season is changing. Mornings are getting colder -- even in the tropics.. And we feel the NEED to sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon in our coffee, pull our favorite comfy pj’s out of storage, wear darker & warmer colors, and cook more hearty stews and soups. Change is good, so we thought we’d fill you in on some updates / changes we are making this season... 1 Our MONA Minibag has grown an inch! Our Original mona minibag was designed to be just big enough for an iphone, card holder wallet, and keys.. At the time -- it was perfect. Then new phones were released, the iphone got bigger, phone cases are getting bulkier with rings and pop sockets, and we begun to need more space at the open

Absolutely Bananas.

It would be an understatement to say that we've been inspired by the bananas in our new collection. We've been wearing banana bags and jewelry, eating bananas, and even contemplating re-painting the studio yellow -- I guess you could say we've "gone bananas" over the last few weeks since launch day! Naturally, our obsession with bananas has spread from our closets and streetwear looks, into our kitchens and dinner plates too... Since our skill sets are much better kept in the design studio -- and out of the kitchen, our favorite food blogger, Kieron from Double Barrel Banana has come to our rescue with a two delicious banana recipes to help us satisfy our banana cravings! Hey guys!

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