Leather Care Duo | Cleaner & Balm

Leather Care Duo | Cleaner & Balm


A TWO-PIECE duo-pack of our two leather cleaner and leather balm, available in three sizes : Our 1oz  pair (sample size), our 3oz pair (for small to medium bags), and our large 8oz tins  (great if you own multiple or larger leather pieces).

Our leather cleaner is a gentle soap infused with naturally antibacterial (lemongrass & citrus) and moisturizing essential oils. This gentle cleaner helpsto restore leather to its full-bodied suppleness and buffs to a rich, satin finish. Safe for fine-leathers and exotics.


Our leather butter is made from 100% natural oils (coconut, neatsfoot, Shea, Lemongrass, and citrus) and natural Beeswax, for a strong coat of moisture, strength, and protection for your leather goods.


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