TWIG & PEARL Stories - 1981

Curious why our "vintage" look on the camalote tote has been dubbed "1981" ?

The shade was inspired by a pair of my mum's knee-high leather boots that I found in my grandmother's loft quite a few years back.

My mum had left them behind when she sold everything she had, and came to Belize in the early eighties, two years after Belize had gained its independence from England (1981).

The darkened corners/creases and patina from years of wear and adventure were BEGGING to be recreated and brought to life on one of our bags.

The Camalote tote in the shade "1981" captures my mum's adventurous spirit, as well as the memory of the world she left behind, to start a life in the jungles of the NEWLY independent little country of Belize...

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