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Creativity Challenge, no. 1

Work from home is something that I've done for my entire career as a designer and entrepreneur. Getting dressed, going downstairs to the studio, and starting my work day without leaving my yard is completely normal for me.... But working alone? without the energy and conversation of the twig & pearl team in studio, has turned out to be much more lonely during the day than I would have anticipated. I've wanted to use my quarantine time wisely, to finish projects that I've begun but haven't had the time to develop fully or finish, and to experiment with new projects that I wouldn't have taken the time to work on otherwise.

My life coach pointed out to me this week, that it is in the white space -- the blank empty space -- that creativity thrives... but also that creativity only comes, by being creative. In other words, times like this -- filled with empty space -- are where creativity thrives, but that creativity wont happen, unless you take the first step and begin creating. I've decided to take what basic materials I have in the studio, and to section out a few days of the week, to commit myself to hands-on creating something NE,W, filming the creative and production process from start to finish, and even doing a styled "Yaad" photoshoot of the piece once it is finished!

I had 8 Ft of natural rope on hand, leftover from a hammock project as the main design element for the bag, and then finished the base of the bag with leather scraps & canvas pieces I had in studio.

Watch the full time-lapse video showing the design & creation process of this frayed rope tote, HERE on our IGTV.

I also added a shoulder strap at the end, for more versatility!

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