Twig and Pearl X Zyania Alonzo - Round 2!

Another inspired Belizean piece, and another collab with Visual Artist Zyania Alonzo!

This new Postmasters Print bag pays tribute to Belizean history and the fond memory of more simple days.

In the age of instant messaging, emails, and social media, one may easily forget a time that once was filled with postal mail and hand-written letters!

This unique handbag created in collaboration with visual artist Zyania Alonzo highlights the charms of the olden days of Belize and the romantic sentiment of handwritten notes to loved ones abroad!

Zyania carved each of the four detailed stamps - by hand - from rubber blocks, creating images of the Mayan Jade head, Scarlet Macaw, a beautiful conch shell, and a cluster of Belizean Black Orchids. She then coats the stamps in dyes and carefully prints the design onto the already cut pieces of leather.

Down to the smallest details, like the printed zipper-pull, this handbag is truly a unique work of art.

"We wanted to use our signature minibag cut for the design, but also wanted to introduce a new and fresh element that would really bring it to life. The addition of a "Baguette" style shoulder bag handle really pulled in a hint of the late 90's (very Carrie-Bradshaw-esque), really taking us back to the days before emails & DM's replaced handwritten notes, letters, and postal stamps." - Rebecca

The 'Postal Print Minibag" was created in two shades -- Sand/tan with dark brown details, and Tambran brown with Classic Black details.

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