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Choosing your Twig & Pearl Tote

A handbag represents personal style, expressing an individual’s sense of fashion and even making a statement. The best handbags offer a delicate balance between versatility and style, operating as a functional accessory. A genuine leather tote ticks all the boxes for a timeless carry-all that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Opt for a high-quality genuine leather handbag for an everyday piece that exudes luxury and practicality.

Here’s what our Twig & Pearl leather totes have to offer, so you can choose the tote that’s just right for you:

The Moho Tote

Our most compact and convenient tote, the Moho Tote's style easily transforms from day to night looks. This mid-sized handbag easily fits your necessities without weighing you down. As a mini tote, it's surprisingly spacious with 14x11 inches of space to store essentials. The Moho Tote’s handles are perfect to carry by hand or in the crook of the arm. This tote is the most chic for evening ensembles, and it's optional shoulder strap offers ease and convenience for day-to-day wear.

The Ambergris Tote

With the Ambergris Tote, running out of room will not be an issue. The Ambergris is undoubtedly our most spacious tote, offering 21 by14 inches of space, accented by an abundance of style. If you're prone to pile your entire life into a purse, this tote is the perfect fit for you! It's functionality seems limitless with plenty of space for a laptop, beach towels, or to be packed as an overnight bag. It's interior compartments enhance organization, and zipper closure keeps your belongings safely stowed away. While the Ambergris Tote's sturdy handles are long enough to be propped over the shoulder with a snug fit, it looks equally elegant in the hand or held in the crook of the arm.

The Camalote Tote

Perfect for everyday use, the Camalote Tote is your casual carry-all. With a wide opening for easy access and no dividers inside, this handbag offers the entirety of its interior to tote whatever you please. Making it even more convenient, the Camalote Tote's longer handles rest easily on the shoulders for more comfortable carrying of a heavy load. From market trips to days at the office, or weekends by the beach, the sturdy and simple design offers versatility to meet various needs. It's a safe and stylish way to tote your laptop, farmer’s market haul, or a load from your personal library!

The Tiger Fern Collection

If a plain leather tote is not your taste, the Tiger Fern Collection might capture your interest. With this limited-edition collection, our Twig & Pearl signature pieces meet exotic style with our new hand-printed Tiger Fern motif. Find the Moho Tote, Ambergris Tote, and Camalote Tote gorgeously accented with the deep-jungle beauty of our Tiger Fern Collection.

Twig and Pearl is an artisan leather handbag brand, focusing on the beauty of natural materials, minimal design, and small-batch production. Click here to shop Twig and Pearl's collection of luxurious leather products.

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