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A note from Rebecca...

"To add value to others, one must first value others."--John Maxwell

SO many changes have happened across the entire planet in these last few weeks. As things begin to move closer to home and affect our little Belize, we needed to begin making some changes of our own! We LOVE and VALUE our team members, and we wouldn't and COULDN'T be TWIG & PEARL without them. Keeping our team, their families, and our entire community & country SAFE is SO important to us. We are working from home! We are taking this entire situation seriously, and felt it was right to err on the CAUTION side, limit our entire company's human contact early, and take some safety measures. We went ahead and planned and listed ALL the tasks we can do from home without our large industrial tools & machines prepared work-from-home material & tool packages for ourselves as a team, and shifted to a fully-paid, work from home schedule for this next little season!

Minimized shipping days We will be minimizing our shipping days for the next few weeks. - Internationally we will be shipping once weekly on Mondays - Within Belize we are shipping once weekly on Thursdays

- We are also offering No-Contact-Delivery (delivery to your gate, with no human contact), once weekly within the Belmopan area.

SHIPPING IS ON US, whaaaat! Yes, you heard it! Shipping is on US! We want you to keep planning, dreaming, and shopping.. and we want to cover your local and international shipping, so our shipping fees are now $0 at checkout!

Our online shop is stocked & will remain open.

With so much uncertainty in the air, the one thing that we are certain of, is that we must keep moving forward. We are also certain that our handbags are awesome, and that when things have settled down, you will probably still need a beautiful, ethically made, sustainable, TWIG & PEARL leather handbag to carry your things in, as you resume adventuring and chasing your dreams!

We believe really strongly in what we do, and we will never stop putting our team, our environment, and our customers first. We are so grateful for all of you that have made a point of getting to know us, have helped us build the wonderful thing that this company has become, have taken our bags with you on your adventures, shared us with your friends and family, and shared our vision for a better world where things are ethically made by people who care.

Sending love and virtual (germ-free) hugs, and looking forward to serving, sharing with, and being inspired by YOU all, as we champion through this season TOGETHER. X

Rebecca Stirm-Lennan, and the TWIG & PEARL team

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