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Adventure & the Nel Rucksack

“When you see someone putting on their Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.”

-A.A. Milne


How we prepare for an adventure -- the things we do or don't take with us, the research we put into our chosen location - ahead of time, the exercise and fitness requirements to take on a major hike or climbing adventure, the gear we take with us (& the bags we carry our gear in ! ) -- all of these things play a part in our adventure, how it will carry out, and the experience we will have.

But spontaneous adventures though.. those are many times the most memorable ones.

The ones that are unplanned, that we didn't necessarily feel incredibly ready for, and that we had to really push through to accomplish -- those can many times be the most rewarding.

Spontaneously hiking in the rain up a slippery muddy trail to the top of Antelope falls at the Mayflower Bocawina National park, climbing up and down hills in Mountain Pine ridge in just shorts and flip flops. camping without a tent and only a hammock, these are some of my most memorable adventures.

After years though of spontaneous adventures, packed into my black ashley tote, sling bag , canvas tote, or a borrowed backpack, it was time that I designed a leather backpack -- something that I could fill with the list of things I wanted on-hand, should I feel the need to head out on another spontaneous adventure.

My list usually goes as follows : Sneakers, tea tree oil, water bottle, camera, umbrella, snacks (bananas and oranges), picnic blanket, baseball cap, duct tape / masking tape, a lighter, and my portable charger.

The 'Nel' rucksack was made just big enough to fit my entire packing list, plus have a hidden pocket for valuables, a little grommet hole for headphones, really comfortable adjustable straps, and a potential leather "patina" that I cant wait to develop as I take it out on more travelling adventures!

Fun fact : the Nel rucksack was named after my most adventurous & outgoing friend - Ronelli - Who wears nothing other than backpacks, and inspired the cut, shape, and name of the bag!

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