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A Fall Update

The season is changing. Mornings are getting colder -- even in the tropics..

And we feel the NEED to sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon in our coffee, pull our favorite comfy pj’s out of storage, wear darker & warmer colors, and cook more hearty stews and soups.

Change is good, so we thought we’d fill you in on some updates / changes we are making this season...

1 Our MONA Minibag has grown an inch!

Our Original mona minibag was designed to be just big enough for an iphone, card holder wallet, and keys.. At the time -- it was perfect. Then new phones were released, the iphone got bigger, phone cases are getting bulkier with rings and pop sockets, and we begun to need more space at the opening of our Minibags.

the old Mona minibag (left) and the newly sized minibag (Right)

(Pictured above -- Old Mona minibag (Left), newly resized minibag (Right)

After some thought and a recent period of "Phasing out" our old smaller minibags, we re-sized all our patterns and begun to re-produce our new size. Our new Mona Minibag is now a fantastic 9.5" wide X 6" tall, with an 8.5' zip opening at the top. Changing the size of a signature piece in our collection is a big move for us, but -- growth is important and so is change. And we LOVE this change to our minibag! 2 Keeping it "Shady" We've added two new shades of our "VENDA" belt bag! Black and Buckskin...

This one is pretty self explanatory. But I'll still explain... a.) We love the "VENDA" belt bag SOO much. b.) We love black leather. We also love buckskin leather.

c.) We were 100% sure we could love the belt bag even more if it was in black or buckskin too.. So we expanded the line-up and made it available in ALL FOUR shades!

3 Black is Back ( and its 15% off for the next week+ )

After [much too long] of a wait, our black leather pieces are back! We've re-adjusted our dye and finish process, and we've fallen in love with black leather all over again!

So much so, that we are taking off 15% on all black pieces we've JUST RESTOCKED online, from now (October 24th) to Saturday, November 3rd! Looks like its time to get your "All black everything" on!


We are so excited for everything that this next season will bring as we fly through haloween (we promise we won't "ghost" on you), eat our way through thanksgiving, and prepare to open our Christmas specials (in the second week of November), all while choosing dates for our holiday popup shops & our third BIRTHDAY party in December!

The next two months are some of our busiest and this is definitely our favorite time of the year! We are so grateful to get to share with you - not only our curated content

but also the behind the scenes of our ideas, plans, and bag making via our instagram stories and facebook posts! So cheers to a new season, new bag releases, new shades, and to moving forward!

With Love, Rebecca Stirm ( Founder / Creative Director )

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