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Styling A Belt Bag

In my early childhood, fabric "belt bags" -- or "fanny packs" as we called them -- were quite cool. I had a little pink one with a zipper and adjustable webbing straps. I loved it to death, and filled it with tiny dolls, doll clothes, and dolly kitchen accessories. I was seven. As time went on though, "fanny packs" became "bum bags" - became uncool - and sort of became fashion untouchables. I remember as a teen, laughing that they were something that only old ladies and tourists wore, and promising that I would never be caught dead in one. Oh how things have changed! After toying with the idea for a while, pinning it to numerous pinterest boards, going for a trip down my childhood-memory-lane, and taking some heavy encouragement from a close friend, I sat down and came up with a prototype that would - in a few months- become the TWIG & PEARL "Venda" belt bag. Over the last eight weeks, I've been incorporating my belt bag into as many outfits as I can. I've been wearing it often and styling it with looks that are completely casual, sneaker friendly and fitting for daytime, as well as dressing it up with silky slip dresses, stilettos, and rompers for after-dark looks.

Styled properly, a belt bag can be very versatile, worn in casual sporty fashion, with office looks, and even for date-nights. Lets look at my 5 favorite ways to style our Venda Belt bag.


1.) Office chic

A Belt bag on its own can't carry all the many things you need to take to work, but its perfect when partnered up with one of our matching natural tan Ashley Tote's. Stash your little wallet, lipstick, and phone in the belt bag, and your laptop/binder, water bottle, and other "on the go" items in your tote. On lunch breaks or quick errands, leave your tote in your office, and head out with only the bare necessities in your belt bag!

Heeled sandals and a minimal white silk top lift these denim trousers to an office-worthy level of chic, and the belt bag + matching tote split up the look, cinch the waist, and bring an element of fun into an otherwise basic office look. * I kept my jewelry very minimal, with only a pair of plain tiny silver studs,


2.) Sporty Gal.

I layered my belt bag over a loosely fitting off-the-shoulder acid wash shirt dress, then paired it with my favorite white sneakers, Kaj Expressions hoop earrings, and a baseball cap to create a casual street-wear look.

I wore it as a belt -- splitting up the dress, and creating a waistline, as well as swung across my shoulder for a "cool kid" vibe.


3.) Sunday Sundress

Sunday afternoon Ice cream dates with my love are some of my favorites. Not only was this sun-date an opportunity to indulge in some of my favorite local ice cream [From the Ice Cream Shop], but it was an opportunity to style my favorite black and white gingham sundress with a few of my favorite things.

I paired this dress with pin-striped mini wedges, a neutral black paisley head tie, the natural tan "Venda" belt bag, colorful vintage earrings, and Ice cream (with colorful sprinkles of course).


4.) Boyfriend Jeans

I rolled up the sleeve's of one of my boyfriend's striped shirts, pulled it over a relaxed pair of denim, and used the belt bag to split-up the look and create a more feminine waistline.

This look could easily be paired with statement earrings, ballet flats, a red pointed-toe pump (for a dressy look), or even sneakers for a comfortable and casual daytime look.

5.) After Dark

When it comes to after-dark looks, I believe strongly in balance. I tend to choose one statement piece, and build my look around it. Whether it be a statement earring or an eye-catching necklace, colorful shoes, a printed dress, or a statement handbag, centering a focal point for you look can help to streamline your choice of outfit, styling direction, and accessories.

In this case, I chose the belt bag to be my focal piece. Heavily contrasting against my simple black silk slip dress, cinching the waistline, and creating a focal point of interest. I chose a simple set of silver and jeweled earrings + matching pendant (gifted to me by my grandmother), to accent and frame the face while creating a connection with the silver metal closures on the belt bag. A simple ankle-strapped stiletto added elegance, without weighing the outfit downward or distracting from the focal point.


Shop the Venda Belt Bag --> HERE <-- Photography -- Kieron Lennan | Styling, Creative Direction & Edits -- Rebecca Stirm

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