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Crocodiles and Caldo


Certified diver | fly fishing and deep sea fishing enthusiast |

4.0+ GPA | Adventurer

I believe that there is nothing more wonderful when travelling, than becoming fully immersed in a new culture. Even if I look ridiculous trying to learn the language, I'm a strong believer you are a product of the experiences you've undertaken in life.

One of my favorite travel-memories, was actually here in Belize, when I had the privilege of exploring the villages in our southern region and was invited by the Alcalde himself to have "caldo" (Traditional Mayan Soup/stew) complemented by a home-made hot cacao drink.

I've explore many places, canoed down their rivers, and have met many great people over the course of my very few years (yes, I'm only 18) ! My greatest adventure - apart from white water rafting through the snake rover in Idaho - would have to be when I was 16, and agreed to take on the LA RUTA MAYA - Belize's biggest river challenge. My team "Rain Di Come, Breeze Di Blow" was the youngest team to ever enter on their own.

While practicing for the race, our rescue boat had left us for a little while to train. Being new to the race, we decided to play it safe, and stick to the banks of the river. On the bank, right beside us though, we noticed a 7 ft crocodile laying there sun bathing!

Startled by the movement and noise we made, he jumped from the bank and into the water - right next to us as we were basically at the edge of the water. Racing canoes can be highly unstable, and tend to flip easily with only a small amount of unstable movement.. and in that moment, we nearly flipped on top of this huge crocodile that was now under our boat!

This was the only moment that I honestly feared for my life during the entire race. Apart from that heart stopping moment, the race was an amazing experience, and taught me so much! Perseverance! Patience! Determination!



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