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Its an adventure.

"The very basic core of mans living spirit is passion for adventure." At times we get so caught up in our work, families, and the general business of life - we forget. We forget that our lives are meant to be an adventure. We forget that we were meant for more than repeating a daily routine. Over the next few weeks, we'll be taking a look at 8 amazing young women from different corners of our country, who have agreed to share their adventures with us, We'll start with Ji.


I'm Jiyoung Chehade, 31 years old and - as of last year - a full time stay at home mom of 2 beautiful kids. I am fully Korean, raised in Belize, and married to a lebanese/hispanic husband. Aside from God and my family..I love music, traveling and coffee!!

The most adventurous thing I've ever done? While I was in college, I came home for a visit with 2 of my best friends from the US, We decided to go on an adventure, travelling across Belize - and sleeping in our car for a week! The second most adventurous thing I've done though, happened when I was dating my husband to be in college....

I came home to Belize during the summer break and upon my arrival, jumped on a boat and headed straight out to San Pedro. It was my best friends birthday party - and I couldn't miss it. My husband-to-be was at work and was disappointed that we hadn't been able to see each other before I left for San Pedro.

Without my knowing, he decided to take the last boat to the island, and surprise me at my friend's house. Back then, we didn't own cell phones, and he didn't know where my friend lived or how to get in contact with me....

So he wore a shirt with my face on it and begun asking around the island if anyone had seen this girl (on his shirt). Surprisingly, someone recognized me and pointed him to my friends house. It was the sweetest and funniest thing I had ever seen! Since his visit wasn't expected, he didn't want to interrupt any plans we had made for my friend's birthday. He left to find a hotel, and (again this was before we all had cell phones) I didn't know where he would be staying, and had no way to get in contact with him once he left.

I couldn't sleep that night. I kept thinking "Where did he go?" and "I wonder what he's doing?" . I woke up extremely early and sneaked out of my friends house. Her fence was SUPER high. And locked. I didn't want to wake anyone so I wrote a note on a napkin saying I had left early to find my boyfriend. I threw my suitcase over, and then jumped over the super-high fence. Without thinking, I started walking around like a mad woman - going from hotel to hotel down town asking if he had checked in to any of them. Finally, after an hour of searching and numerous "no's" I decided to walk towards the water taxi.

In the distance I saw him. I started yelling for him but he wasn't turning around. As I got closer I noticed he had headphones on - hence why he couldn't hear me. I decided that I should just start running, and get to him faster. I can still remember clearly that a random man yelled out as he saw me running "That's it gyal, go get yo man!!" Even now as I write this it makes me laugh.. how was I so crazy? My friends still remember and laugh at this story. I think my best friend has held onto the napkin all these years - as a keepsake to mock me!

Model/feature - JIYOUNG CHIHADE Handbag - TWIG & PEARL's Liza Enveloped Clutch Top - TWIG & PEARL's "Nora" top Concept/styling/photos - REBECCA STIRM Lighting + Assistant - RONELLI REQUENA BTS Photography + Lighting assistant - SAMANTHA TURCIOS


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