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Confidence and Coconut water.

I remember being at my God mother's house, hanging out in my God sister - Nicky's- room. It's 1999, I'm 10 years old and Destiny Child's album "The Writing's on The Wall" is background music. My God sister had an amazing 90's TV sitcom/teen movie bedroom and in normal 90's teen fashion she's on her bed, giggling with her bestie about a boy. I remember thinking WOW! "She is gorgeous, with her relaxed hair, cherry roll-on lip gloss and [really] short shorts.... I wanted to be a teenager so badly....

At the time I was in primary school and to my dismay wasn't allowed to shave my legs.... something I was routinely teased about. Let me tell you though, the next week I "Gaan da chiney" , bought a razor with my lunch money, and wore ankle socks to school to show off my new, shiny legs.. I decided that it was worth the 'hollering' from my Mom to have smooth legs [Maybe I'm somewhat of a rebel at heart? ]..

My Roots.

"I'm what you'd call an "afro-latina". My mother is from Honduras and my father is Kriol- Belizean" I grew up thinking that my mother was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She has a very classic look/style and refined hispanic beauty. I look up to her so much. In addition though, I also looked up to beautiful black women that I grew up with -- like my God Mother and God Sisters. There is a proud gracefulness that is very specific to black women that I wholeheartedly admire.

My Work - My passion. Becoming a Makeup Artist started about a year after I graduated university. I studied clinical psychology and while I will always have a deep appreciation for the field, I quickly noticed that I still hadn't found my passion in life. So there I was ...on my way to a job I really didn’t like and stuck in midday traffic when I saw what would be my MU school’s ad on a billboard. I called for a tour, met with the academic director and decided on the spot that I would attend the next course available.. Years later, I am still searching for that "thing" that will completely fulfill my passion, but following my love for the art of makeup, has led me once step closer..

I would describe make up artistry as an expression of social and cultural beauty perspectives on a human canvas... It is very important to have an understanding of who the client is and what she wants to achieve with her make up. She wants to feel beautiful... herself yet enhanced. You can legitimately feel it when a client likes her makeup-- It's almost as if they give off a different vibe. It's electrifying and bubbly and all confidence!

I love a clean, fuss free look. “Natural Glam” we’d call it. There’s just something about subtly enhancing a woman’s God given features that makes me feel accomplished.

My thoughts on Confidence...

When I hear the word "confidence" I think about trust. Trust in yourself, the kind of trust that spills out of you when you are so cool with your flaws and attributes that it's infectious.

I honestly feel that low self esteem / lack of self love cripples you 100%.

It really is up to us as people, as women - to come together and give others that boost whenever you see the need. Sometimes simply giving someone a compliment can turn someone's day around.

Feeling put-together, and beautiful is always a confidence booster. Personally, my things have always been A.) makeup , B.) Music [there is nothing like a good pick me up song to make you feel like the world is yours], and C.) going out of your way to help someone else. Nothing takes your mind off of your own feelings or bad day, like making someone else feel better or accomplish something.

On a regular, daily basis though, there are things we can all do to help ourselves to continuously feel confident and ready to go out and conquer the world. I think a healthy lifestyle [balanced diet, regular exercise and spirituality] is equal to my concept of beauty. I'm actually a type 2 diabetic and living a healthy lifestyle is more of a necessity than a choice for me. Of course I fall off the wagon all the time, but I think every woman needs to award herself the time to work on herself and the shrine that is her body.

My number one Beauty Tip that helps me feel my best is staying hydrated and moisturized. It is that simple! I mean head to toe moisturized! Drink yuh water and coconut water all day every day! At night after your bath lather on some coconut oil or lotion of your choice, put treatment in your hair once a week and put some shea butter or chap stick on those lips girl and you'll always look radiant!

Concept/Photos/styling/ : Rebecca Stirm Shoot & Styling Assistant : Ronelli Requena Model & Makeup : Drea Reneau

Accessories: Twig & Pearl + Kaj Expressions

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