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Hauʻoli , Happy. What would make us happy? Being immediately transported to a tropical island... somewhere in say, Hawaii. or Fiji. or the Maldives. Or Belize... ​

​ Tropical leaves. Fresh air. Beaches. Flowers. Margaritas. Sand. Bikinis. White cotton kaftans. Ocean breeze. Sunsets -- You get the picture When tropical-island -fever sets in, its hard to shake off.. so we've put together a list of eleven things you can do - today - to help you feel a little better about being stuck in the office/city/cold this weekend! 1.) Wear something white and cotton (ie. our COSTA cotton top )

2.) Light a tropical scented candle (ie the Candle Shoppe 's "Jamaica me crazy" soy candle)

3.) Listen to Always - by Leihoku

4.) If you go out, get dolled up with some tropical inspired fresh water pearl jewelry ( Kaj expressions - Nadia earrings )

5.) And wear a beach tote (like our Ashley tote )

6.) Watch / listen to "Island Girl" by Conkarah & "Majesty" by Chronixx 7.) Put on a pair of Sunnies ( like these way hot mirrored lexi glasses by Quay Australia)

8.) Call up your Jamaican / Belizean / Bajan / Trini friend, for a dose of sing-song conversation, and an earful of caribbean/tropical accents.

9.) Throw two cups of coconut milk, a few pineapple slices, and a banana in the blender, pour into a tall glass, adorned with a brightly colored straw + mini umbrella for tropical super smoothie that will make you feel AMAZING. ( but remember to double that recipe if you invited your jamaican/Belizean/trini friend over!) 10.) Drink your tropical smoothie while listening to THIS Island reggae playlist + scrolling through the ISLAND-OASIS Tumblr blog (literally a plethora of gorgeous tropical-island-beachy- inspiration images)

11.) Book yourself a tropical-adventure-getaway vacay to an island off the coast of Belize. You deserve it ;)

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