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Lazy, or Effortless?


ˈefərtləs / adjective

  1. requiring no physical or mental exertion.


I start Mondays off decently.

I'll put in extra effort to pull an outfit together, style my hair, and even pick out shoes that play well with my handbag and earrings..

Monday night's look is usually a win, Tuesday's daytime look is usually a win.

And then comes Wednesday morning. The work week has really set in, my list of 'things to do before Friday' is growing rapidly, I'm busy, tired (yes, tired on only Wednesday), and really could not be bothered to pick out something that says anything more than "Yes, I'm wearing clothes"... I usually score about 2-3 of these "lazy" days a week. Now, the goal on these days is to choose something that says "effortless" instead of just "lazy".

The best way to do "effortless" when in a rush to get to class, the office, a coffee date, or casual outing, is to have a few great quality comfortable basics (Soft cotton tops, neutral skirts and trousers), neutral flats, comfortable jewelry that you really love, and a strong leather bag that doesn't soil easily, and can hold all of your basics (ie, our LIZA clutch or Ashley tote).

Today's effortless / lazy day look : I went with a darker neutral color palette - My boyfriend's long sleeved hunter green cotton T-Shirt, Silver artisan-made hoop earrings, My favorite minimal diamond pendant silver necklace, a short black pleated skort, black sandals, and my TWIG & PEARL Liza Clutch in black.

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