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Feature | Rebecca Rath [5 reasons to adore her even more]

Belize watched closely as Rebecca Rath competed to become Queen of the Jewel, and win the hearts and support of an entire country. She completely won us over. Over the last few months of preparation, practice, and now preliminary competitions, she has become a contestant of interest. She made the TOP Fifty list of EYE POPPING MISS UNIVERSE COSTUMES, has been featured by numerous blogs and news stories, and has become a total social media BOSS, covering everything from behind the scenes shots and videos, to posting her insanely hot preliminary competition looks in action, and selfies with other gorgeous contestants. Now the not only Belize - but the whole world - watches, as Rebecca steps out onto the Miss Universe Stage, vying for one of the most coveted titles in the Pageantry and beauty industry. Rebecca's winning potential goes SO much deeper than her gorgeous face and hot swimsuit bod, so, here's a short list laying out the 5 Things that we believe make her amazing, and BEYOND ready for a Miss Universe Crown. 1] She's Humble and Kind. Rebecca's makes a huge effort to thank people, goes out of her way to help, is comfortable and down to earth, and - even at first meeting - makes people feel valuable and important.

2] She's wholesome,

Rebecca is a strong woman with a tightly knit family and great relationship with her parents. She's educated, well rounded spiritually and emotionally, and confident in who she is, and where she comes from.

3] She's a natural leader.

As a volleyball coach and player, she knows the importance of focus, teamwork, and strong and inspiring leadership. She excels at being humble, following directions, and working with others towards a common goal, but she also knows when to step up, inspire others, and lead with grace.

4] She's Focused,

Rebecca has NOT been sitting around practicing being "pretty" for the last few years, instead she's been earning her degree in Hospitality Management, working hard, and coaching volley ball.

5] She is NATURALLY beautiful. Rebecca is one of those girls that could literally be sitting on her couch in just PJ's, with messy hair and no makeup... and would STILL turn heads and make you look twice. She doesn't rely on makeup to create her good looks, she's naturally gorgeous, and confident in that.

We are BEYOND excited to see her on stage, and wish her all the best in the FINAL competition. Be a part of her journey by making an account and voting for her on the Miss Universe website. Rebecca Rath, Featuring our "LIZA" Clutch in Black

Styling & Photography : Rebecca Stirm

Assistants - Kieron Lennan & Kyle Lennan

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