We are an artisan leather handbag brand, focusing on the beauty of natural materials, minimal design, and small-batch production.

Rebecca Stirm-Lennan

Founder | Creative Director 

Maricia Chun

Production manager + 

Quality Control 

Carina Cho

Stitching + Finishing

Esther Chun

Cutting & Printing

Our Company Culture..

I (Rebecca) believe strongly in self-care, the importance of relationships, and truly LIVING life. 


I wanted to do things differently, create time and opportunity for LIFE and adventure to happen, and make our workplace as enjoyable --and yes, FUN as I could. 

So, we work hard and we work early, from 8 am -3:30 pm, with a short lunch-break -- giving us time in the afternoons / evenings to spend adventuring and building connections with our families and friends, learning new things, and exploring other interests. 

We work to a consistent beat of great background music in the studio, we take birthday's very seriously, eat lunch together daily, and take extra time out to cook lunch together at my house as a team on Wednesdays for our planning meetings..

We enjoy our jobs, each other's company, and the "culture" that has become a norm for us in the workplace. 


The Back-story -- How TWIG & PEARL Came to be.. 


After years of working towards becoming a Womens-wear designer, In 2014 I (Rebecca) left my  Job designing custom women's wear and bridal gowns, to find and build something that I believed in.

I spent months soul-searching, learning new skills, and scribbling down ideas, sketches, and plans for what on earth I would do next with my life.

I began with zero leather-work training and zero clue of how to make a handbag. I developed my first few leather handbag prototypes (Early versions of the current Ashley tote and Mona minibag) and at 22 I launched TWIG & PEARL with a pile of ideas, very little marketing and business know-how, raw and completely un-refined bag making skills,  and 5 big goals:

1.) To build a fashion brand that would celebrate the things I love so dearly about Belizean life

2.) To create a waste-free small batch production process based entirely around sustainability  and  our value of the environment

3.) To use a minimum of 70% natural materials in the construction of each of our pieces


4.) To build in-house production by training & employing Belizean women

 5.)  to build and launch one of Belize's first e-commerce stores, catering for both local and international sales. 


I'm excited because just a few years later,  I've seen these five  goals, one-by-one, reached. We've launched our line in our own online shop, trained and now employ two amazing young artisan women, and we produce all our pieces in-house from natural locally sourced leather, hardwood, and hand-printed cotton. 

Dreams and goals don't accomplish themselves overnight. But people who work hard and have a purpose and vision behind their dreams and goals, do accomplish them over time..

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