We care for our planet, therefore we care for our bags!

We believe that the best way to leave behind a healthy environmental and social footprint is to create products that are WELL MADE from high-quality natural materials, and well cared for, to help them last a lifetime!

We encourage you to care for your leather bag, wear it often, repair the easy little fixes that you can on your own, and to return to us for more complicated repairs! We will always do our best to repair your TWIG & PEARL pieces. You take care of delivery or shipping of your bag to us, and we will take care of the repairs! 
With a little extra love and care,  we hope to ensure that your leather bag will serve you well for years and years to come!






We advise you to clean your TWIG & PEARL with our leather cleaner and a damp cloth as soon as as possible after becoming soiled, to remove dirt, makeup, dust, and fingerprints.

To soften the look of small scratches and marks, maintain moisture and leather softness, avoid sun and weather damage and cracking, and to lengthen the life of your leather, we suggest that you condition with our Leather Butter every 2-3 months. 
Leather will dry out over time, especially with constant exposure to harsh weather conditions, so think of conditioning as a moisturizer for your leather -- like lotion for your skin, or balm for dry lips! 

Our cleaner and moisturizer also contain Citrus and Lemongrass essential oils, both of which have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, to keep your bag fresh, clean, and smelling delicious! 


Before moisturizing make sure to clean your bag with leather cleaner and a damp cloth - then leave to naturally air-dry (with no heat) for best results. 


Place a small amount of TWIG & PEARL leather butter on a clean cloth, and gently apply in circles, evenly coating your leather with a thin layer of protection + moisture



The following quick fix-it guide helps you to repair small defects yourself. If the problem is beyond your own repair skills please email us at hello@twigandpearl.com and include a few photos of the issue so we can get back to you with a solution. We may ask you to mail the bag to us so that we can repair it for you for free (simply pay for shipping of your bag to our US address). For our domestic / Belize customers feel free to contact us (620-0104) to bring your bag directly to our production studio for repairs / cleaning.

Loose thread

Does your bag or wallet show a loose thread? You can remove these easily with the help of a lighter. By gently singeing the thread the chances of it coming undone decreases, and it will make your bag look better too!

Extra Hole

Need another hole in your strap or  belt for a better fit? No worries,
With the help of a hammer, and a hole-punch, awl, or nail, you'll be able to add an additional hole, and have it fit to your liking.