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Anthony Sierra

I got my Toledo Weekender!!!! i absolutely don't regret it! it hold everything from my camera gear, to my weekend suits and other traveling necessities. you always on the go? go grad a Toledo and experience it for yourself.


Rebecca Gourrier

Amazing quality and design! I’ve had the Bangle Bag for two years now and the leather is more and more beautiful as time goes by. It perfectly matched all of my formal outfits (wedding, events, etc.) and even accompanied me to some photo shoots, I love it!

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Charlotte Nal

Absolutely love the bags!! I bought one each for my two daughters and they are both military so the bag gets moved around a lot. The quality still stays the same. I also got the tote as a gift and it is so lovely with my jeans and flannel shirt at the beach.

Ashley tote black2.jpg

Michele Baron

These bags are amazing!! Beautiful, so well-made...and strikingly beautiful! They are also unique, so while everyone else is walking around with someone else's initials or brand name on their cheaply made, dime-a-dozen bag, Twig and Pearl customers have real style, quality and that WOW factor that is so rare nowadays. As long as they are in business I will buy from them and I predict that will be a long long time!!!!

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